‘WTT to create more Quadri for Africa’

The chairman of the Council of World Table Tennis, Liu Guoliang believes the setting of WTT would help Africa to create more global superstars like Aruna Quadri as well as afford the continent to stage one of the top events in the world.

Speaking at yesterday’s  ITTF WTTF Webinar for Africa , the former Olympic and World Champion is excited with the setting up of WTT while hoping that Africa would embrace WTT with more super stars emerging from the continent.

“I am so excited with the WTT initiative and I hope that this is a good development for table tennis,” he said. “

As a global sport, Africa is one of the continents that will ensure the success of WTT and our aim is to ensure we have more top stars like Aruna Quadri from Africa because he has shown to be among the most popular table tennis players in the world and we believe there are still many talents from the continent.”


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