Lagos State born CEO and alternative medicine practitioner, Moretti Joy, has stated that she intends to export Nigeria’s growing herbs to the rest of Europe.

Moretti gives an insight into the practice of alternative medicine while focusing on the need for Nigeria to tap its unexplored potentials in the health sector.

“Nigeria is blessed with so much diverse natural herbs, unavailable in most western countries. This is an untapped export market. These herbs have very high financial potential outside the shores of Nigeria, as they are widely sought after,” the 32-year- old alternative medicine practitioner said.

Reviewing her challenging moments, Moretti said she has tried exporting herbal products from Nigeria but its been a very difficult process due to strict export policies for such products.

On collaboration with farmers, she said: ” I plan to work with local farmers for mass production and better market value, for some identified herbs we use in herbal medicine production.”

As part of partnership, Moretti told fans she is strategising on circumventing the systematic challenges with exporting herbal products, and will collaborate with government stakeholders who are responsible for policy formulations, to see how they can partner with the Nigerian government in exploring the potential of herbs as an export product.

Reacting to the avalanche of requests from clients, she said:”Currently, my demand exceeds my supply capacity. When I established my company, I knew it would grow but not at this rate.

“We have expanded so much that with very little advert, bulk orders come in weekly. I have the human capacity for production but access to enough herbs is limited in Europe, where I am primarily based.

“This is why I’m interested in exportation of herbs from Nigeria to Europe and other parts of the globe. It will increase my production rate and scale up my supply capacity. I also have a branch in Nigeria and would like to expand its capacity when I’ve worked through the barriers limiting export from the country.”