Candy Jane Tucker may be labelled a random lady who might not have come into the limelight if not for her past marital life with a British-born American celebrity.

Stephen Gilchrist Glove, though more famous than Steve-O, is a well-known American entertainer and TV personality. Almost two decades ago, he was in a marital affair with Candy Jane Tucker. In the thoughts of many, that marital affair remains the spine behind Candy’s rise to fame.

Education and Family

Candy’s education and family are unknown same way the details of her professional life seem completely obscure. There is no known verifiable information about the college or university Candy attended. Also, the identities of Candy’s parents and siblings are unknown to date.

Relationship Life

We have no verifiable details about who Candy Jane dated prior to and after her relationship with Steve-O.

The marital relationship between Candy Jane and Steve-O was a short one said to have lasted from 2002 to 2003. According to reports, Candy parted ways with Steve-O because she couldn’t keep up with his addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Steve-O and Candy Jane met prior to Steve-O’s rise to stardom. The duo were keenly interested in each other and started dating. They eventually got married to each other in 2002, but barely the marriage lasted one year when they divorced in 2003.

While verifiable facts show that since Candy Jane divorced him, Steve-O has gone ahead to date (and marry) other women, not much can be said about Candy’s current marital status.

In 2006, three years after the time he was divorced by Candy, Steve-O tied the knot with Britanny McGrew, but the duo are no longer married to each other. Stories about Steve-O’s relationship life hint that he is currently in an affair with Lux Wright to whom he got engaged in 2018.

Marriage with Steve-O

It’s really noteworthy that though Candy Jane and Steve were married to each other between 2002 and 2003, their short-lived union didn’t yield any children.