The Presidency yesterday dismissed the impeachment threat to President Muhammadu Buhari by opposition senators as  an “empty threat’  and  ”headline-grabbing stunts.”

It described the lawmakers as “anarchists”, who have remained in the opposition because of their continued failure to do what they were elected to do.

Presidential aides Femi Adesina  and Garba Shehu made the comments in separate reactions to the senators’ anger over the worsening security situation in the country.

Adesina, who featured in Channels ‘Politics Today,’  acknowledged the right of the Senators to express themselves,  but said they were a  minority, whose threat won’t go anywhere.

He said: “They are minority lawmakers.  The truth is that in this kind of scenario, the minority will always have their say. But, you know the configuration of the National Assembly and the Senate.

“I think it was just bravado.  And very sadly, security issues should not be subjected to bravado. How will you begin to issue an ultimatum on serious matters like security, something that deals with life and death?

“They know they cannot achieve what they are saying.  They are just wasting the country’s time, wasting the precious time of the Upper Chamber.

“They know they can’t achieve what they said. I  doubt it has officially been communicated to the President, but I hope it will be done.”

Adesina also dismissed allegation of gunshots by terrorists in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

“I am not aware of any gunshots being heard in the city of Abuja. Yes, there have been rumours, but I am yet to substantiate them.

“The question is: are those minority lawmakers responding now because the issue is touching their seat of comfort, Abuja? They are playing to the gallery.”

He said what bothers the President was the security of the entire country, adding  that he (Buhari) has always said he was trying his best to solve the nation’s security issues.

”In this country, we have so many anarchists. I heard a senior lawyer talking yesterday (Tuesday) asking the president to resign, saying he was tired.  Though he is a senior lawyer, he is an anarchist. Some of those lawmakers are anarchists too.

On whether the Presidency will initiate a move to counter calls bythe minority lawmakers in the Senate, Adesina said:  “The National Assembly has a self-regulating rule.”

In a statement, Garba said the opposition  Senators  were making a mockery of voters through   ”performative and babyish antics.”

He advised the lawmakers to  seek ways of stemming the rising cost of living and  ”stop undermining Nigerian voters.”

Like Adesina, Shehu restated that the Buhari-led government was committed to “finding lasting solutions to the emerging security threats, including those left behind by the PDP.

His statement partly reads: “Rather than making a mockery out of voters by trying to imitate what they see in America, the opposition would be well advised that their time would be better spent tackling the pressing issues Nigerians face, such as the current global cost of living crisis.”

arms, go back at times, to join the separatist movement in Cameroon. So, the procedure was explained and approved today that will evaluate the basic criteria to grant asylum.”

Asked why the issue of asylum seekers should be considered at this time that the country was facing security challenges, Mohammed said: “The issue of the standard operating procedure for asylum seekers from Cameroon is not a matter that started today. The issue of the separatist movement in Cameroon is many years old and every day, because of the proximity of Cameroon to Nigeria, we’ve witnessed an influx of refugees, seeking asylum, and under international regulations, there are certain procedures you must take for asylum seekers.

“So, all we have done today is to establish the standard procedure to ensure that those who claim to be asylum seekers are actually not insurgents themselves that have come to destabilize Nigeria or people who will come and be launching attacks against their own country from the comfort of Nigeria.”