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I remember a point in my life when I used to chance free transport from my pastor going into Ndola town, the CBD. I would then walk to Northrise from Kabelenga road to Kwacha, then Chintu avenue plus a few more roads. While at school, I had friends who lived in this area. I remember a close friend of mine whose dad would drop him at the gate of NDOLA BASIC SCHOOL. He lived in Northrise just a few kilometers from the school. I so wished that was my father doing that to me. I wished I lived in Kanseshi or Northrise or even just Itawa.
Fast forward, I moved to Kansenshi.

I rented a house there and forgot about the prayers I made when I lived in Mushili Kansengu with my young brother. I didn’t move in any of the houses I prayed about but at least it was in the neighborhood I wished I did. One fine weekends, I met my old friend whose father dropped him at the school gates. He now lived in Mushili Kansengu. The township I lived in when I went prayed and wished for a house in Kanseshi. Things changed…. I didn’t know that things would change but they changed. He lived where I lived and I now lived where he lived.

I share this part of my life to highlight the reality we are faced with today. The Patriotic Front, a party that was in power a few months ago is today in opposition. This is a party that sent police officers with live ammunition to students at The University of Zambia and other political meetings. This is a political party that was in power and saw the death Verspers at UNZA. This is a political party that facilitated for the death Frank Mugala, an innocent boy who left home for school and he never went back. This is a political party that organized and mobilized the death of Mapenzi in Chawama using the Zambia police. Today the Patriotic Front, PF, is planning to mobilize crowds to the former First Lady Ms Esther Lungu. While there is nothing wrong with this move but it is interesting how they have forgotten their own instructions regarding this issue. Mr Nsama NSAMA and Joseph Kaunda are both dead because under the PF, they died because some UPND supporters went to give solidarity to their leader who is today the Republican President of this country. The PF facilitated and funded the death of these two citizens. Today they are mobilizing youths and women to go and parade themselves again. The instructions from the PF at the time was, shoot to kill. Do they expect the Zambia Police to shoot to kill even today?

I do not think that it is wrong for the PF to mobilize their supporters today, I actually do recommend that they do it. Zambia is a democratic country and political parties should be allowed to express their support and views freely. If the PF was in power today, would they have allowed such a move?

The UPND is in power today and YES, things changed. They are in charge of the police now and the PF are at the receiving end, WILL THE UPND behave the same way the PF behaved?

Political power should be expressed in improving society not in oppressing those that oppressed one group of people. Once this political power is perceived as a tool to punish those that punished you, we will have lost time and intelligence to build a better country for ourselves. The UPND in government today should desire to do better and let the good people of our country experience the democracy we claim. I recommend that the PF fulfill the requirements of the law offer their support to their leader. After this is done, we will evaluate who is better for Zambia today and in future.

I am recommending to the PF leadership to mobilize and organize freely and peacefully and meet the requirements of the law which I know they are very much aware of… and escort madam Ms Lungu. This is a right we are willing to support.

My old friend now living in Mushili Kansengu told me he wants to move back to Northrise very soon. He says he has started a small business and now has a job, I recommended that he goes there and pray as I did. Sometimes a walk in the rich people’s neighborhood can be torturous because at any time there is a chap cooking some nice smelling food and some expensive car driving out or driving in… but it is a necessary thing to do. And by the way, when I went back to Ndola, it was Mr Bowman Lusambo that was renting my dream house in Kabelenga road. I went back in prayer and told God that my promise was that, “If you bless me with this house God, I will become Mr Humble, I didn’t say God bless this house to Mr Lusambo”, but anyway, my English was not good so I suspect my grammar may have implied Mr Lusambo.

Rest In Peace Nsama Nsama, Vespers, Frank Mugala, Mapenzi.
And the bush protesters whose bones were to be broken we need to go jogging bane

We Will Not Forget How Pf Killed Our People – Muscian Pilato
We Will Not Forget How PF Killed Our People – Muscian Pilato