…Unless there is witch-hunt, then they will come back to us

Lusaka…. Tuesday, July 26, 2022 (Smart Eagles)

Lawyer for the former first lady Mrs Esther Lungu has assured members of the public that today’s appearance before the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) has meant that the matter is settled.

Mrs Lungu, who was accompanied by her husband former President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and daughter Hon Tasila Lungu was today appearing at the Commission for questioning over her 15 flats in Lusaka’s State Lodge.

And Mr Makebi Zulu said after the questioning that it took just a simple search at the ministry of lands that showed to say the property is for the former first lady.

Mr Zulu said the said search shows that “if we are able to do that simple investigation, they should be able to do better than us.”

He disclosed that DEC demanded for the disclosure of the planning authority to which the legal team objected.

“The next thing that happened is being written to say give us a planning authority. We don’t think DEC is an authority that should be asking us for a planning authority. We said we can’t give you that. Moreover, you have access to the local authority, go and check for yourself,” he said.

“And that we expect them to do. We expect thorough in the manner that they investigate. We don’t expect this to be a witch-hunt, we expect them to do a good job as regards to this. And we hope that they will do a good job.”

He said he was happy that the former first lady availed herself at DEC.

“We have told them our part and we hope it is not a witch-hunt where they will start going from place to place to look for something wrong,” he said.

“In any event, there was nothing wrong so we are happy that we have come and we have settled this matter. For us we consider this matter settled. Unless there is witch-hunt then they will come back to us.”

Meanwhile, Hon Tutwa Ngulu said the legal team will defend the former first family against any abuse.

He also implored the media to be professional.

“We will stand with the first family and defend them against any abuse should there be any. And we hope and trust that there will be no acrimony in our relationship between the DEC and ourselves as well as the media,” he said.

“Maybe this time I just want to address you members of the press that sometimes even when we have said things like this you end up having very wrong headlines. So if we hear any wrong headline, next time, we will refuse to talk to you regardless of whether you are a state broadcaster or Koswe.”