Upnd Is More Corrupt- Fred M’membe
Dr Fred M’membe


When they were in opposition, the UPND talked about corruption, yet there is still corruption in their government. And at the rate we are going, they will dwarf the PF corruption at the end of their term of office.

We yet again challenge the current government to explain why it single-sourced Maurice Jangulo’s Alpha Commodities to supply 37,000 tonnes of fertilizers at $1,407 per tonne while the general market price is $1,000 per tonne – stealing an additional $15.059 million from the Zambian people in super-profits.

Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia (NCZ) was given to supply 13,000 tonnes of fertilisers at $1,000 per tonne. On top of this Jangulo had no stocks of fertilizers and started going around trying to source the commodity from his competitors whom he had discredited in an audit he had initiated and influenced.

We challenge this government to explain why Jangulo was allowed to control, direct, manipulate and falsify a fertiliser audit under its supervision and control. This is pure corruption that this government and the state agencies – ACC, DEC and the police – under its control have failed to deal with. Why? Our simple and only explanation is that Jangulo is too close to the key leaders of this government to be touched. He is their partner – he works and eats with them. There is a need to approach the fight against corruption with seriousness that it deserves.

In their so called fight against corruption, they are tempering with individuals but the system that the UPND is using is NOT different from the one used by the PF! Corruption is going to deepen. In terms of Institutions, what have they changed? Whatever they are doing is still under the neo liberal economic policies that were pursued by the previous regime. The system that they have embarked on is inherently corrupt.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party Zambia

Source – Zambianobserver.com