Too much respect for MR CHISANGA CHANDA, the ADC (“bodyguard”) for Edgar Lungu

Too much respect for Edgar Lungu’s bodyguard!

Simon Mulenga Mwila writes;
Too much respect for MR CHISANGA CHANDA, the ADC (“bodyguard”) for our former president Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu..

This man knows his Boss too well and acted swiftly by removing him from the cameras 📸 before much damage could have been caused..

I listened and watched ECL rant aimlessly while many others cheered him on.. until Mr. Chanda stepped in to remove his boss from the cameras 📸..

What we saw was a glimpse of what happened when ECL was a leader! The man surrounded himself with several people that only wanted to eat and never gave him sober advise.

One of the greatest mistakes ECL made was to be on the ballot in 2021, the man had lost popularity and it was right for him to step aside and let others lead… Unfortunately the bakandile couldn’t allow this.. They outnumbered the wise who saw defeat of ECL and PF, they even viewed them as enemies for being honest about the risk to PF for adopting unpopular ECL who also adopted unpopular Nkandu Luo as running mate..

I think for now, let ECL rest and be kept away from the cameras.. The main problem with those that ate from him have regrouped and you will always find their cars parked outside ECL’s house in Ibex Sunday to Sunday.. People are always at his residence misleading him.. Which is quite sad and unfortunate..

Let the man rest and reflect on a number of issues..

Even the “reconciliation” between ECL and HH must not be forced, time is the best healer.. The two gentlemen still have a lot in their hearts.. ECL is bitter about the huge defeat while HH is still bitter about the unfair trumped up Treason Charges..

Only time will heal things for the benefit of all Zambians.. 🚶🏾‍♂️

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