There’s Nothing Left To Kill In Pf – Sichula

There’s nothing left to kill in PF – Sichula

By Oliver Chisenga
THE opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has described former president Edgar Lungu’s recent statement that the government is out to ‘kill’ his political career as that of a stand-up comedian.
Addressing PF members of parliament who visited his home to give solidarity to his wife Esther who had been summoned to appear before the Drug Enforcement Commission last Tuesday, Lungu said one did not need to be very intelligent to know that he is next after his wife.

“So, I am ready. Even if they say I am hiding behind the immunity, I am not hiding behind anything. I know what is going on. The aim is just to make sure that they kill PF, they kill my political life. I am still politically active although not in leadership, but I can still give an opinion, I still have influence,’’ said Lungu. ‘’They are worried about that. I have said I am no longer there but I am a living being. In short you can consult me. So, they want me out of it completely but you can kill the body but you can’t kill the soul. You can’t kill the ideas. So, there are people who believe in what we believed in as PF and we still believe in……People have been able to compare oranges and they can tell which ones are wholesome and which ones are rotten.”

But NDC leader George Sichula, whose party is a member of the UPND Alliance, said there was nothing to kill in the Patriotic Front (PF) as the former ruling party ‘died’ the day Zambians voted it out of government last August.

“Comments by former president Edgar Lungu accusing President Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND government of wanting to kill the PF cannot be ignored. The emotional ECL further said after his wife’s perceived persecution he was next on the list but indicated that he was ready with or without his immunity in effect. ECL further said he did well to hand over power so that people would compare his leadership to that of the current President. He also revealed that man only known as Antonio did not want him to hand over power thus blamed him,” Sichula said. “The question, however, that begs for answers is, which PF does the current government want to kill? The already dead PF? Who kills a dead thing? From where we stand PF died on poll day, the Zambian people put the last nail on the once arrogant party. There are a number of pointers on why we say PF is dead…their rebranding process which was on its members’ lips is not heard anymore. A simple thing as rebranding the party has eluded the PF. Their convention which was supposed to be held months ago has stalled for unknown reasons and among other pointers is loss of vibrant individual members to the Socialist Party.”

Sichula recalled that against all manner of warnings the PF broke the law, embezzled money and abused their positions.
He said to hear Lungu complain of ‘persecution’ was a fallacy.

“The former president also talked about killing his political life before he realised that he had retired and that’s when he laboured to justify his consultancy role to his dead party. Surely, when you make the bed, you have to sleep on it. What is happening to the PF and its leadership is self-created,’’ he said. ‘’Everyone recalls how Bowman Lusambo bragged about the price of his wife’s perfume, how he made very generous donations among other things. The Zambians also recall how much the country was made to pay for the fire tenders, ambulances etc; surely did they think all these activities would be swept under the carpet. We also remember how ECL’s net worth shot up in just a few years after being president, how others were called ‘Bonanzas’, money dispensers and their lavish lifestyle… Talk of political persecution!”

Sichula said Lungu also seemed unsure whether President Hichilema had forgiven him over the treason case.
He said that could give Lungu bad dreams each day that passed.

“Lungu knows that he is right now seated on a volcano and time is ticking so fast. Any right-thinking person knows that former president became rich overnight, and this makes him see dreams of being in jail,” said Sichula. “Time to taste their own concoction is now. If we were strong in opposition, we expect them [PF] to be strong. The scripture is about to be fulfilled, “do unto others as you would love them to do unto you.” This government must use the same measure.”