The moment Socialite Vodi’s wife confronted his alleged mistress, Influencer Moesha, inside his office

Businesswoman and fashion influencer, Moesha, recently got more than what she bargained for in Abuja.


According to words on the streets, “Wife of popular Abuja-based tailor and socialite, Adekunle Seyi Vodi, recently walked in on him and his sidechic, Moesha, inside his office.


Apparently, they’ve been dating for years and his wife was aware and had warned Moesha to stay away from her husband.


She also recently discovered that Vodi was the one financing his mistress’ luxurious lifestyle, including buying her a Benz and establishing a fashion house in her name.


Recently, a little bird whispered to the wife that Moesha had visited her husband in his office again. So, she rushed down. Vodi, however, immediately bolted, leaving Moesha behind.”

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