So many people want to sleep with you for roles –Sonia Ogene

Sam Anokam


NOLLYWOOD actress, Sonia Ogene, recently opened a can of worms on the challenges she faces alongside other up and coming actresses in the Nigerian film industry.

With a salacious figure that constantly sees men drooling over her, Ogene says many industry players want to have sex with her in exchange for movie roles.

She says: “It hasn’t been easy especially for an up-and-coming act in this industry. So many people want to sleep with you and would not give you a job because you refuse. So many people won’t give you a job because they don’t like you. Many will work with you and still want to work with you again. Some others will call you for a job and will not pay you. Sometimes, it is discouraging and discomforting. At times, you want to give up but so far so good, the result tells it all. With the result, you can still be holding on and will continue to keep pushing.”

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