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Today we will be looking at the Biographical Profile and Background of Sirbalo Comedy, Take some Glass of water and take a sit while you enjoy reading this good written article.


Sirbalo Biography

Sirbalo, a stage name for Timothy Obotuke, a Nigerian online comedian and social media personality, was born on March 27. On Instagram, he is well recognized for his amusing short films. In the world of internet humor, he has carved out a place for himself and demonstrated what it takes to succeed when talent alone may not be enough.


Who Is Sirbalo

Sirbalo, whose full name is Timothy Obotuke, is a comedian, actor, social media influencer, and maker of online video who was born in Nigeria. He became popular by creating and publishing humorous video skits on his Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channels, Aka Sirbalo gained notoriety.

Timothy Obotuke had over 460k Instagram followers as of October 2020. Sirbalo real name is Obotuke Timothy. Sirbalo Timothy Obotuke’s YouTube channel name is Sirbalo Clinic. Obotuke Timothy Sirbalo bought a new car in September in 2020.

Sirbalo Age – Date Of Birth

How Old Is Sirbalo? Sirbalo Timothy Obotuke was born on 27 March. We are really sorry for not providing his birth Year. But we promise to update you guys when ever we have his full Biography ready.

Sirbalo State Of Origin

Where is Sirbalo FromSirbalo is from which State? Obotuke Timothy state of origin is Delta State. Sirbalo Obotuke Timothy hails from Warri, Delta State, Nigeria.

Sirbalo Parents – Family

The Obotuke family originates in Delta State. Their specifics aren’t known, though. We are aware that he has pictures of the house he constructed for them on his Instagram feed.

Sirbalo shared a video of his grandma celebrating her 80th birthday in November of last year as well. In the video, he gave her a car as a surprise birthday present.

Since Sirbalo is a charming young man, a lot of people have been wondering who his girlfriend is. Yes, some of his supporters have gone so far as to inquire directly if Sirbalo and Ify are dating.

So, Sirbalo and Ify are not a couple. Ify, real name Adibeli Ifeoma Faith, is a content producer who has appeared as Sirbalo’s girlfriend in his comedic skits. On his YouTube account, he has a series called Sirbalo and bae. His relationship with his “comedy” lover is detailed in it.