President Buhari Receives His Classmates From Middle School In Daura (photos)

Sallah: President Buhari receives his classmates from middle school in Daura (photos)

Buhari is actually a simple guy unfortunately he just didn’t know how to assemble the right team to stir the ship called Nigeria. The ship is still sinking it is up to the next generation to save it but we do not have much time.
Oil is fast becoming unfashionable and without buyers, what money will be shared in the center…. and when there is no money to share expect insecurity to fester. The next wave of violence in Nigeria will be targeted at under performing civil servants. If you cannot do the Job and you take the position, anything can happen to you when hunger and poverty rules the land. This movie is already playing out with Kidnapping and banditry it can only get worse unless we have the right president who will developed the country, industrialize the country and bring back dignity to Nigeria and the Naira

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