Novelist and poet, Mrs Margie Chinyere Offoha, has said that her poem ‘Flag of Our fatherland: Nigeria’ is her effort to bring global attention to Nigeria’s prevailing security problems.

Offoha, a Nigerian-American, told The Nation in a recent interview, that ‘Green white and Green is in her effort to bring global attention to Nigeria’s prevailing security problems, helping the people and the government save lives’.

This is coming after the poem, which she wrote about her motherland gained pride of place on the global highly rated

The trending poem, which is just one out of Offoha’s numerous poems, is currently generating so much viewership on the platform as it reflects a form of Ode to the Nigerian flag. The beautiful unifying Green white and Green colours, literally appeared to be losing their unifying and friendly powers driven by peace and unity.

The poet, through the poem, appealed  to Nigeria through its national symbol, the flag,  Nigerians and the leaders to work assiduously towards restoring the peace and conviviality for which the country and her citizens are known, as they seem to be eluding the citizens.  Strife, the poet in the poem, worries, seems to be overtaking the brotherhood, and promises of nationhood, the country promises.

The poet raises concerns on the prevailing state of affairs in the country, with a question, “Oh, mighty flag of our fatherland, are you still there? Reflecting on the cover the flag hitherto gives to Nigerian citizens in every part of the country and the world at large.

The poet went on to query, “Oh, mighty flag of our fatherland can you see the pain and suffering your children are enduring? Oh, mighty flag of our land, can you hear our cry? Oh, mighty flag, what happened to the promise you made, many years ago? United you promised us but divided we are”.

She said “Even though I am in America, I follow the events happening in Nigeria passionately. As a great empathy, I carry other peoples’ pain in my heart. I think this is a time for people living outside the country especially poets and artists of various kinds to use their voices to bring global attention to Nigeria, who knows it may make a difference in the lives of poor Nigerian citizens who are forever suffering.”

While calling for stronger action to save lives and build a more united country, the poet in stanza three wrote ‘’Peace and unity have eluded your children. The echo of one Nigeria, one Nigeria is now met with doubt as many no longer believe. Oh, mighty green, white, and green, the flag of our homeland, hear our cry. Rise and bring your children under your shade again”

Carl Scott Harker, a poet and literary enthusiast commenting on the poem on the platform wrote, “This is a powerful poem which speaks directly to the pain felt in Nigeria, but I suspect, reflects the condition in too many countries in this world. Well done’’

The Poet, Margret Offoha has authored many other poems, which include, I Am a Nigerian, Kindness, Domestic violence against women, Forgiveness, and Faith, amongst others.