Tuesday, 12, July, 2022 (Smart Eagles)

PF Members of Parliament today walked out of Parliament saying the second Deputy speaker must begin to treat all Members of Parliament equally.

Speaking during a media briefing after walk out, Chama South Member of Parliament Davison Mungandu said PF Lawmakers today decided to walk out to send a message to the second Deputy Speaker that it is time he started respecting the standing orders and treating all Members of Parliament as equal.

He said MPs are in Parliament to represent the needs of the Zambian people but if they are being infringed upon then their needs will not be met.

He said during the Parliamentary procedures this afternoon, the second deputy speaker would not allow him to bring to the attention a matter of national concern and kept interjecting him and telling him to get to the point when he needed to give an explanation to validate what he was to say.

“Most of the matters we bring to the house are issues that if the government does not take action, irreparable damage would be the result.” He said.

“Today I wanted to bring forth one such matter, as I was giving my preamble, I have to state that during this period you are not restricted in terms of being guided by being told ‘just go to the point’, you can’t go to the point when the issue involved is a matter that you need to explain He added.

The lawmaker explained that he wanted to bring to the attention of the government an issue of civil servants who he alleges have been dismissed on ethnic lines and that of mobile money booth operators who have been removed from trading areas without notice thereby disrupting their businesses and livelihoods.

“We are not against the government’s program of cleaning the city, but what they should have done is to warn them, give them a grace period and alternative places where they can conduct their business from.” He said.

And Malole Member of Parliament Robert Kalimi said it is sad that today the second Deputy Speaker chose to take an almost partisan stance.

He said the MPs decided to exercise their privilege to walk out to avoid confrontation which would have led to them being suspended again.

“You remember that it was the same Deputy Speaker who made us to be suspended for 30 days because of unfair treatment of Members of Parliament, failure to articulate issues and to follow what is in the standing orders.”

“We are not in Parliament to be schooled or to be told what to say or how to say it, we know the procedures and guidelines and are controlled by the standing orders, it is very unfortunate, I was shattered, I was schooled and ignored as if I am not even a Member of Parliament” He said.