…..vows to stand with former First Lady over her matter with DEC

Lusaka…. Tuesday, July 12, 2022 (Smart Eagles)

The opposition Patriotic Front has protested in anger against the alleged persecution that the former first family has continued facing at the hands of law enforcement agencies.

Speaking to journalists at former president Edgar Lungu’s residence today, leader of the opposition in Parliament Hon Brian Mundubile said the MPs were not happy with the message that the former First Lady Mrs Esther Lungu was invited to appear at DEC for questioning today.

Hon Mundubile said Zambians are living in difficult times adding that the country will degenerate if the MPs were not taking a lead.

“We took the trouble to go to DEC, to go and offer solidarity to the former first lady. We were informed that she was summoned to appear at DEC. Members of Parliament were not very happy with that message,” he said.

“We showed up in anger to show our protest to the continued persecution of firstly the first family and indeed for other ordinary citizens. Your Excellence we are living in very difficult times that if we the Members of Parliament do not take a lead this country will degenerate. As Members of Parliament your Excellence we are making an undertaking in the country that we will no longer sit idle and watch things in the manner they are moving.”

And Hon Mundubile said he and other MPs could not believe the Commission when it informed them that the Mrs Lungu was not appearing.

He said it is difficult to believe DEC.

“When the DEC informed us that the First Lady (former) was not appearing, we could not believe them. Its difficult to believe what these people say. We thought she was still within the building or maybe she was incarcerated somewhere as that has been the case in many instances where they said one thing and what they do is the opposite. So as a team we said can we go and confirm that the former first lady is safe,” he said.

Earlier at DEC before the MPs drove to president Lungu’s residence in Ibex, Hon Mundubile said members who were present stood ready to sign a bond for the former First Lady.

“The members of Parliament who are here today came ready to sign a bond, they came to sign as sureties for the former First Lady…..this is the mother of the nation. From here we want to check if the former First Lady is safe,” he said.

“We will now drive to her residence to make sure that she’s okay, she’s in good spirit. We will stand with her, all the way and we are ready to lay even our lives in defense of the freedom and independent that we fought for.”