She claimed that Nigeria didn’t require a husband with multiple wives who were dispersing the country’s wealth around.

She declared herself to be a “obedient servant” because she thinks Peter Obi is the person Nigeria needs right now to correct its course.

She was heard saying:
“Because I know he will transform this country. And his is very honest.He is a very honest man and straightforward man. I know him personally with his family.
He is the kind of man Nigeria needs. We don’t want these Hausa men who marry seven wives and send them to different locations like Dubai while distributing Nigeria’s money anyhow like Atiku. Peter Obi is a very honest person.

Please you people should not deceive us. Put the right person in power. I am supporting Peter Obi because I want someone that will transform Nigeria. Nigeria has spoilt. I am an Obidient servant. Nigeria is so insecure.
Like if you call a child who was raised abroad and ask them to come down to Nigeria and manage a business they will tell you to just sell it because no one wants to risk their lives coming to an insecure country”

Watch the video below: