Nigerian singer, Oluwatosin Johnson aka Side One has narrated how Yahooze singer, Olu Maintain helped Kelly Hansome achieve fame.

Side one made the assertion recently during an Instagram live with Kelly Hansome.

He said, “Na Olu Maintain make Kelly blow. How it happened. I was in Olu Maintain’s house because I and Olu were living together and then Kelly came to see me as my guy, so Kelly just entered our house he didn’t know Olu was around and that time Yahooze was popping like crazy and then Kelly just came into the living room he now saw Olu Maintain who strangely looked at Kelly and asked him what he was doing here, that he should go outside to take off his shoes, he just talked to Kelly anyhow so Kelly felt bad and told me that this guy (Olu Maintain) wey blow, God go do am, me sef I go blow. The next thing Kelly said was he was going to Owerri and that he will return with something and that thing will blow and that was how Kelly went to Owerri, on returning he just told me Side one, I’m back and I am coming to play you a song, and then he played that ‘Maga don pay.’ As soon as I heard it, I told him it is a banger although it had some element of Yahooze in it, he said it was the way God gave it to him and the way he sang it and he was sure it was going to blow and that was how the song scattered everywhere.”

Kelly on his part admitted Sideone’s narrative saying that he went to Olu’s house to see if he could do a follow-up production to his Yahooze hit record because he was also a producer cum singer at the time before the humiliating experience.

In his words “that day, pull your shoe for outside na him con turn to problem, I felt bad by the way he talked to me so that night I left and went straight to the studio,” said Kelly Hansome.