Full Conversation Below:

err  a confused Groovy  replied

In response, Beauty told him that the money is to appreciate her beauty.

Groovy then told her that he is coming. He came back and gave Beauty 20 pocket naira, advising her to spend it wisely

However, the Level two housemates emerged winners and their victory came as no surprise given that the Level 2 housemates prepared extensively for the task while the Level 1 housemates did not.

After the game ended, Beauty Tukura, confronted Groovy about the way he greeted Chomzy in the arena.

She also accused him of avoiding her during the task presentation.

Reacting to this, Groovy tried as hard as he could to explain to Beauty that it’s not what it appears to be.

However, she was not having it yet.

Beauty later resolved that they’ll have to stay away from each other for the time being, so she doesn’t keep creating scenarios in her head about them.

However, the duo later settled their differences.

During a conversation, Groovy told Beauty; “you’re my girl”

In response, Beauty said: “are we going with the flow”

Groovy replied: “Yes we are going with the flow BUT without the bullshit” 😁

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