Award-winning musician and activist, Folarin Falana aka Falz, has kept the internet busy after announcing a cash giveaway for a challenge.

The ‘#Kneedownchallenge’ is one of the trending conversations on social media platforms as fans and celebrities jumped on the challenge by Falz following the release of his new single“Knee down” featuring Chike.

The rigorous challenge requires one to knee swiftly and as many times as possible within the chorus span.

Falz, in a recent post, said he will give the current world record holder of the most ‘knee downs’ a $1,000 incentive.

He further said that anyone who breaks the current record before Tuesday will also receive $1,000.

“#KneeDownChallenge. I’m rewarding the current world record holder with $1000 and whoever breaks current record between now & Tuesday also gets $1000″.

“Oyaaa started as just banter now it’s gone crazy. I’ve decided to reward winning entries. One right now.

“The second winner will be announced by Tuesday Aug 02. Task is simple: most #KneeDowns within duration of the chorus.

“Please use a mat or do it on a soft surface. I no fit replace kneecap ohh,” he added.

Falzthebadguy’s followers, including celebrities like AY, Femi Adebayo, Mr Macaroni, Cross, Nnamdi Oboli, and several others have sent in videos where they were captured doing the ‘knee down’ challenge.