The thrilling Hell in a Cell

One of the most thrilling events that the WWE can offer is the fantastic Hell in a Cell. Whenever it is celebrated, don’t forget to go to the betting platform. This instance was introduced for the first time in 1997, and as its name suggests, it describes a fight that takes place inside a cell.

This cell is actually a cubic structure that is made of a metallic mesh. This cell is put over the ring, and locks the wrestlers inside it. However, there are a few ways to win a match or escape from it, such as:

through a submission;
a pinfall;
and also making some spectacular climbs over the cell.

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Great winners

In general, winning a WWE Hell in a Cell event is a defining moment in a wrestler’s career. Some of the most illustrious names to have won events on it include Triple H, the Undertaker and Mick Foley. Normally, the winner of an event of this kind is seen as one of the main protagonists of a given season of the WWE. Before an event of this kind begins, don’t forget to play 1xBet live casino nowand try your luck in the great games available.

Normally, a spectacular part of the show is when a fighter falls from the top of this cell. Normally, this indicates that there is an official winner of the event. In fact, some of the most spectacular instances of the Hell in a Cell to ever be celebrated had an ending of this kind. Scenes of this kind have become one of the most iconic aspects of this kind of show. While waiting for other thrilling WWE events, you can play on the 1xBet live casino now, and take advantage of the multitude available possibilities.

A heavy structure

The cell where the event takes place is actually a heavy and imposing structure. Originally, it had a height of five meters and almost 10 meters in length and width. Also, a heavy crane was needed to put this 2-ton structure in the ring to enclose it. These events are extremely entertaining, and when they are being celebrated, don’t forget to try best wrestling betting online – 1xBethas the best outcomes.

However, during more recent years the structure has been made heavier and taller. Its current version has a weight of five thousand kilograms and more than 6 meters in height. This has also increased the viewership of the event. So much has been this increase that it now has its dedicated event.

In normal WWE seasons, between one and three instances of the Hell in a Cell are celebrated, which are extremely popular. Currently, on 1xBet you can try the best online wrestling betting, and take advantage of the unrivaled odds offered to all punters.


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