Minister Isa Pantami Abuja Houses And The Lies Used To Cover Mores Lies By Mashood Musbau

Dear Beloveth Uwa, 

In response to your unprofessional and not so well researched response to your bosses corrupt behavior. I will make it easy for you by putting clear and concise questions for you to respond to with facts, not every nigerian is gullible like the followers of your boss on social media. So respond to SR with the following since you called them liars:

– You boss moved two is wives location to be disclosed from Kado and Lifecamp to the two location excluding Maitama, so when did he move to the house you claimed it was 2017?

– Who did he pay the rent and when, you can forge the documents but you will only be stating the obvious about that contractor?

– He spends a year and half or less in the University in Saudi, how much was his salary? 

– You claimed he was a business man, state the business he was doing, did he sell dates from Saudi Arabia or what?

Please Nigerians will not be fooled by your lack of professionalism, Dr Malam Sheikh Pantami can do justice to himself by finding someone else to respond with better convincing facts. Your response only implicated him more and it would have been better if your kept quite. 

Long live Nigeria and every soul will taste death. Today where is Baru or Kyari and many (May their shortcomings be forgiven). So the minister cannot continue to use the religion for worldly gains and try to use the northern Muslims and trolls he pays via some northern journalist to quite down the truth. 

Mashood Musbau 
(Just a concerned youth that wants a good Nigeria)

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