JOY Odiete is the CEO of Blue Pictures, a film distribution company in Africa and she’s making giant strides in the film and audio-visual world across the globe without being an actress.

In a recent sit-down, Odiete explains her role in the film ecosystem as a distributor and producer saying experience has taught her so much to navigate her way in a world that is predominantly determined by the male folks

“Predominantly, the men lead conversations in this field even in the international market, not everyone is female. So, I would say it is a great feeling, knowing that a woman too can create a table to sit at and not just look to sit at the table. For me, it was mostly about getting the funding required to scale the business. The Nigerian system is really not built to encourage entrepreneurs as it took my business many years to attract the attention of the Nigerian banks and pro-entrepreneurship organisations. The international market actually paid attention to the business before the traction started in Nigeria,” she said.

Sitting at the table of films’ executive producers, Odiete says experience in film distribution gives her the ability to know the right director for a particular script or story or genre, know the cast who can deliver stellar performances as well as the right brand partnership for the film.

The executive producer of Obi Emelonye’s ‘Money Miss Road’ also weighed in on the Nigerian film audience and industry saying, “the Nigerian audience is fully aware of the times we are in. It is a time when black cinema and black essence are being celebrated. Therefore what the Nigerian audience wants to see at the box office is the best content in terms of storyline and excellent delivery of the story being told. What sparks my interest is the storyline and the delivery by the talents.”

Odiete, who has become a role model with her success running Blue Pictures and Cinemas advises young women that in business, there really is no mapped-out path to success. “You only need to be very good at what you do, be consistent, and most importantly be true to yourself.”