Magu – A Post-mortem By Adeola Soetan


    Which President does that?

    The Senate rejected your nominee, Magu, based on the DSS report, an agency that you directly supervised, and you still went ahead to appoint him? Quite laughable!

    By the time you appointed Magu, you should have fired the DSS Director General immediately for giving the Senate “false report” on Magu, if you felt so, insubordination and embarrassment of your high office for sending their damaging report against your favourite nominee “without” your knowledge when you supposed to be the first recipient of such report as their master.  You didn’t do that? Quite laughable.

    I remember some Abobakus in their “their Buhari is infallible” chorus defended that obvious laxity in coordination to mean that “Buhari is giving his agencies free hand to operate” Idiocy!

    Or in the alternative, you should have simply withdrawn Magu’s nomination and replaced him with another competent person, after all, no one including the President himself, is indispensable. 

    But you insisted that Magu would continue to serve as Ag. EFCC Chairman and he did that for 5 yrs! That itself was scandalous and ridiculous. It’s symptomatic of a very poor leadership and a president lacking coordinating ability to mobilize his subordinates with divergent views and interests for optimal performance.

    Throughout my experience as a Corporate Relation Consultant, I never came across any organization that put any of their top management staff in acting capacity for five years.

    Instead of taking a firm, prompt and decisive decision by adopting the principle of elimination by substitution or substitution by elimination or harmonization to resolve the pecking order peacefully but firmly as president,, Buhari preferred to dance to the gallery of the “Corruption is Fighting Back” Orchestra by insisting on Magu for 5 years while he didn’t resolve the problems in his kitchen cabinet that made the rejection of Magu by the Senate possible in the first instance and to re-present him to this pliable Senate for confirmation after one year of its Inauguration.

    Your Chief  Hunter who has been doing his best  in the jungle of wild dangerous animals cannot be hunting with the mind of uncertainty of what his status is and will be eventually. You have definitely set him up to overdrive or misbehave at times in order to impress you for confirmation at the same time you have set him up for hunting by his powerful traducers in their game of mutual destruction, evidence piling and blackmail.

    Even in the village, when an Oluode (head hunter) is to be appointed, a good Baale (village head) knows that all the Ode (hunters) must be in agreement after resolving conflicting interests and factions before final announcement of the Oluode with 21 gunshots procession to the Ogun shrine for appeasement of Ogunlakaye Oshimole (God of iron). If not, there will be endless conflict which may lead to the head hunter being hunted in the jungle.

    Eventually, what Mr. President did was to allow contending power blocks in his power corridor to engage in endless battles of mutual destruction, blackmail, sabotage and hunting. And, at the end of the day, Magu the Head Hunter got hunted by other hunters. Magu edifice was built ab initio on a faulty and shaky foundation. What a pathetic story!


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