Lusambo has declared his intention to contest the presidency in 2026 general elections


Kabushi Member of Parliament, Bowman Lusambo has declared his intention to contest the presidency possibly in the 2026 general elections.

The lawmaker tells Muvi’s Mutumba Liambela Junior of his intentions to seek the highest office in land insisting that his aspirations are within range.

With the race to the PF presidency being heavily contested, the seemingly repentent and more sobber Mr. Lusambo has not disclosed on which ticket he intends to contest the Presidency.

The self-styled ‘bulldozer’ has previously not hidden his desire to challenge for the presidency banking on the good will of the Zambians. However many Zambians, especially those with social media presence, have dubbed him, as a clown, who should never be allowed near Plot One.

Mr. Lusambo was speaking outside the heavily guarded Drug Enforcement Commission [DEC] offices while offering solidarity to former First Lady, Esther Lungu when the latter appeared there on allegations of being in possession of property reasonably suspected to be proceeds of crime.

This comes after law enforcement officers uncovered fifteen abandoned poshy flats in Lusaka’s New Kasama resident area.

Mr. Lusambo, among others, have faced similar allegations since the Edgar Lungu led administration was outrightly rejected by Zambians to usher in Hakainde Hichilema, who has taken a tough stance against corruption and plunder of national resources.

And reacting to the summoning of Ms. Lungu, The former MMD diehard says there is nothing sinister in the exercise itself. He further alleges that even officers from investigative and security wings have plush properties in exclusive neighborhoods of Lusaka.

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