Lives Of Atheists Matter By Leo Igwe

The Black Lives Matter has helped draw the eye of the world to police brutality and racial injustice towards African People. They’ve used the canon of life to focus on the place and predicament of blacks in American society. As seen within the protests that adopted the brutal homicide of George Floyd by law enforcement officials in Minneapolis, the motion has underscored institutional and structural inequities that underly the mistreatment of blacks in western international locations. Nevertheless, a class of unmattered black lives has up to now been ignored- the lives of individuals, of black persons-of African individuals who don’t consider in God (Allah). As a matter of religion, individuals who brazenly and publicly criticize islamic faith or perception in Islamic God have been accorded little or no worth. To be particular, the lives of atheists in Islamic Nigeria, in Islamic Africa and the Islamic world have been deemed expendable by those that declare to be on Allah’s facet.

Shortly after the grotesque killing of George Floyd, the lifetime of one other black particular person, Mubarak Bala, has been on the road, not on account of racism or white police brutality, however on account of faith. Bala’s life is in peril, not in America or in Europe however in Africa, to be particular in Northern Nigeria. Bala’s life has been at risk not for being black in a dominantly white society, however for being an atheist in a predominantly Muslim part of the nation. Bala’s life has been in danger on account of institutionalized oppression and persecution of individuals who’re open about their atheism in Muslim communities. Bala’s case has highlighted the shortcoming of atheists and individuals who maintain views which can be important of Allah or the prophet of Islam to ‘breathe’ in Muslim majority societies.

You might ask: what was Mr. Bala’s crime? He made feedback on Fb that implied that the prophet of Islam was a terrorist and a pedophile. That was all. Nothing extra. And for that motive, some Muslims need him prosecuted and jailed. Others have threatened to kill him. They stated he blasphemed, that he insulted the prophet of Islam. And for that motive, his life now not mattered to them. His life value nothing to them. Bala should die. Sure, some Muslims are saying that Bala have to be killed. Bala has been arrested and held incommunicado for nearly two months. In the meantime, in the identical area, violent jihadists are on the rampage, killing, raping, maiming and kidnapping with impunity each day. 

The dying sentence which some Muslims have handed on Bala will not be uncommon. This type of mistreatment will not be new. It’s not new to Kano state. It’s not new to Nigeria. The reactions of some Muslims are usually not alien to Islam in Nigeria and the world. The persecution of Bala will not be new to the spiritual enterprise. Faith has been at warfare with the opposite; theism with atheism since human beings created the varied gods. Religions particularly Islam and Christianity have a historical past of utilizing violence, intimidation and threats of violence towards atheists, nonbelievers, and disbelievers. Whereas Islamic faith is important of different religions, it expressly prohibits the criticism of its claims and teachings. Impressed by the verses within the Qur’an and the Hadith, those that consider within the Islamic God(Allah) have waged a bodily and structural battle towards those that don’t consider or those that espouse views and expressions that object to or problem Islamic theistic viewpoints and prophetic concepts. In Muslim dominated societies, entrenched hostility in direction of criticism has been extra pronounced and has created a state of affairs the place the lives of atheists and apostates don’t matter. As an illustration in Nigeria’s sharia implementing states, Islam is the state faith. And Islamic theism is a state coverage. Atheism is outlawed. Being an atheist is socially a dishonor to Muslim households and the Ummah.  Killing or eliminating an atheist a method of restoring the household and group honor. It’s a type of spiritual obligation, for which Allah would reward within the hereafter. Apostasy is against the law and the punishment for apostasy is dying. Thus those that are born into Muslim religion should stay Muslims or they depart Islam and danger being executed. They resign Islam and lose their human value; their human life. They lose what makes them matter to Muslims. Whilst an apostate or an atheist, one will not be allowed to specific views which can be important of Islam as a result of the particular person dangers being accused of blasphemy as within the case of Mubarak Bala. And to blaspheme towards Islam, Allah and the prophet, not different religions, different Gods and prophets is an offense that draws the dying penalty. Thus in Muslim dominated communities, there isn’t a worthwhile house for an atheist. There isn’t a place to stay a dignified life as an infidel.
Merely put, in Muslim majority communities, the lives of atheists don’t matter. It’s only the lives of those that profess Islam and perception in Allah and Muhammad his messenger that rely. It’s only the lives of those that categorical views and beliefs which can be suitable with Islam which have worth. It’s only the lives of Muslims that matter. The lives of non-Muslims and ex-Muslims don’t rely and don’t matter. 

However this unlucky state of affairs should change.

As within the case of the Black Lives Matter, the little or no regard for the lives of atheists is linked to unjust buildings and atheophobic amenities that exist and function in Muslim communities. The Islamic institution has allowed these iniquitous buildings to fester and proliferate through the years. These establishments should be reformed or dismantled. Quranic indoctrination and Madrassa college packages ought to be abolished or overhauled together with Muslim clericalism as a result of these are buildings that orient Muslims at very early levels in life to accord no worth to the lives of atheists and apostates. Islamic narratives and Quranic texts that vilify atheists and designate atheistic and Islam-critical views as contemptible ought to be critically examined. Passages within the Quran that sanction dying for unbelievers or incite violence towards atheists and critics of Islam should be reviewed, revised or expunged. There’s an pressing want to finish the killing, persecution, and oppression of actual or imagined atheists in Muslim communities. 
Individuals who criticize Islam or the life and educating of the prophet ought to be handled with dignity and respect. Criticism of Islam shouldn’t be a dying sentence. Views that fault the life and legacy of the prophet ought to be met with civil, not violent reactions. Muslims ought to be taught to tolerate dissenting opinions. They need to be taught to worth the lives of those that resign Islam, or those that query Islamic doctrines and beliefs. Muslims ought to notice that if they’re to debate and dialogue with atheists; if they’re to persuade or finally convert atheists, atheists should first be alive.

Thus there isn’t a motive for the arrest and incarceration of Mubarak Bala for expressing an opinion concerning the prophet of Islam. There isn’t a justification to kill or to threaten to homicide him for making a Fb submit. Muslims who’re sad with the posts ought to make counter posts on Fb or Twitter. They need to not difficulty dying threats or ask that he be arrested and prosecuted for insulting faith. This illiberal, hateful, anti-life, and anti-atheist strand of Islam must discarded and deserted. As a matter of urgency, Islam’s bloodletting equipment must be dismantled and disabled.

Muslim societies are lengthy overdue for a reformation that ensures equal rights for all individuals together with the rights to life and freedom of expression for all Muslims and non-Muslims, Muslims and ex-Muslims, Muslims, and atheists. The Ummah must embrace the concept the lives of Muslims matter.  Lives needn’t be wasted within the quest to redress any actual or imagined insult on Islam or the prophet. Extra importantly those that profess Islamic religion want to comprehend that the lives of atheists and ex-Muslims matter.

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