Local Government and Rural Development-LGRD-Minister, Gary Nkombo says all legitimately registered mobile money operators who are affected in the on-going relocation of mobile money booths will be compensated.

Speaking at the MLGRD at a Press Briefing, Mr Nkombo stated that all affected mobile money operators would be allocated enough trading space in the designated area.

He also said all mobile money operators would be located between Lusaka main Post Office and Findeco House and along some selected alleys between Findeco House and Freedom Way.

Mr Nkombo explained that the move was aimed at enabling mobile money operators across the country to have a conducive trading environment especially were sanity was concerned.

He further dispelled rumours that his Ministry used bulldozers to remove the mortar debris, adding that the impression that Government used force to relocate the said booths was confounded.

“This engagement is not for Lusaka only but as we envisaged, this will be an exercise for the whole country. Anyone who is legitimately operating a mobile money booth will be given enough trading space to put their booths.

He accused political party cadres for being responsible for the mess that actualized the allocation of space for booths in town.

“One thing that we have noticed is that there was disorder in the allocation of mobile money booths. To be specific, the allocation of mobile money booths was usurped political party cadres,” he said.

Presidential Spokesperson, Anthony Bwalya said President Hakaind Hichilema was concerned about the welfare and plight of all mobile operators.

He intimated that the President wanted to see an engagement between the players in the on-going booth removal exercise.

He said that the President wished to see to it that all stakeholder voices were included in working out modalities to ensure that the economic lives of the booth operators were secured.

Association of Mobile Network Operators representative, says the AMNO was working in collaboration with the LCC and MLGRD to ensure that there was proper allocation of booths is authorized spaces of doing businesses. We

And Operators Representatives, from Mobile Money Business Associations said they are ready to work with government to ensure that sanity was returned to the city.

Lusaka Mayor Ms Chitangala says LCC has been engaging both mobile money operators on the best way to relocate booths from the Lusaka CBD to better places.

She clarified that the removal of mobile money booths in Lusaka was not to impress AU delegates but to promoting sanity and good public health in the City.

Ms. Chitangala revealed that there has been consultation between the Council and booth owners since September last year to find a lasting solution to deal with illegal booths allocated by suspected cadres.

She said that most of the booths in the CBD were illegally allocated by PF cadres who charged up to K5000 and this is suspected to have continued to date.

She said this earlier on Hot FM’s Red Hot Breakfast yesterday.

“More than 300 booths were removed and this will continue even after the summit.” said Ms Chitangala.

She commended government for the political will provided to promote a health clean environment and good public health.

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