In some hours’ time, we will be bouncing from this 2020 pandemic year into a brand new year.

This year 2020 just be like one Nigerian artiste album, hype too much before e come but when it eventually landed, it disappointed everybody.

COVID-19 took the year away from many people all over the world as everyone battles to remain on the surface of the earth.

As Nigerians, the problem of Police Brutality and Bad Governance everyone fought for turned bloody and led to looting and killings.

Some entrepreneurs are still battling with the restoration of their businesses while some families are still in pain over the loss of their people in cold blood😭😭.

All-in-all, God is a merciful God, even in tough situations He will still create a chance for us to be thankful to him.

The interesting thing is, when you appreciate God for things He has done no matter how little, He will open more doors for you.

You can’t tell me, you have nothing to be thankful to God for this year.😏

Don’t be an ingrate, say it out and appreciate God so that 2021 will be a better year for you.

Let’s do this guys 👇

By Khoded

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