Jon’s musical journey began as a child in Lagos, Nigeria. His influences were in the kaleidoscopic clash of sounds of the Nigerian city streets. Everything from Frank Sinatra and The Beatles to Abba, and the local Afro-Beat. He was greatly influenced by Fela Kuti.

Leading to the shoot of this video was a mixture of [email protected] and joy as I l#st my younger Brother Alex, who is Lagos based during the lockdown.

The plan had been to have him in the video as well, he being also musical but had been unwell for a while . I had for sometime told him we’d do a collabo , and my next video would definitely be shot in Lagos, both to encourage him to get better and also as fulfilment of my dream to showcase positive images of Nigeria, as opposed to the

seemingly endless [email protected] press.

Teaming up with Legendary Nigerian Top musician , my friend Sax Tee, who put me in touch with the amazing Perception Filmworks, I flew out to Lagos With my son Tomi, who as well as Sax Tee features in the Video.

Off we went for this wonderful video shoot after the somber previous day of Alex’s internment .

I hope the vibrancy and joyfulness of the video uplifts your hearts minds and soul like it did mine

You can also stream his songs on major streaming platform