The House of Representatives caucus of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Thursday joined their Senate counterpart in asking President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately address the worsening security situation or face impeachment.

It said the impeachment threat against the President was real.

Minority Leader of the House, Ndudi Elumelu, who spoke after a joint meeting between the Senate and House caucuses, said the Presidency and all those who believe that the threat was laughable will be shocked at their action at the expiration of the 6-8week ultimatum to the President.

Elumelu said it was unfortunate that Abuja, the nation’s capital, was no longer safe as a result of series of attack by insurgents.

According to him: “The nation has been awash with what happened yesterday in the Senate where our colleagues had to walk out in protest because of the state of the nation and with regards to the issue of insecurity in the nation.

“Concurrently, even though we did not do it exactly the way they did it, we also drew the House attention as to what is happening in Nigeria, most importantly in the FCT. In FCT, just few weeks back, Kuje Prison was invaded. Few days back, it was the law school in Bwari and some very important Nigerians who youth in the armed forces were butchered by the insurgents.

“As if that was not enough, the Minister of Education gave an instruction that all our children should leave and vacate their various schools. Yesterday, the FCT Minister directed that all private schools should be closed.

“I gave a warning on the floor of the House, advising my colleagues that Abuja is no longer safe and that is the truth. If Abuja is safe, why should the Minister of Education under the APC led government instruct that every child in every college or school should vacate and parents should come and collect their children?

“Why should the FCT Minister himself direct that private school should close? This in effect gives a signal that Abuja is not safe. And of course, we critically looked at the reasons why our colleagues are calling for an impeachment notice to be put forward to Mr. President and government inability to protect lives and property.

“Our founding fathers created this nation for the purpose of ensuring that nobody will suffer. But today, that is not the story. The story is a story of people being afraid to go out to even do their legitimate businesses.

“Today, it is difficult to even fly. No aviation fuel. The aviation fuel is no longer available and yet, you cannot also ply the roads because the kidnappers, bandits are on the roads. It is very, very difficult.

“Of course, on the issue of insecurity, let me bring to the notice of Nigerians and the whole world that both chambers have tried several times either by resolutions or security summit to draw the attention of Mr. President as to why there is need for us to address the insecurity in this nation. But that has not been taken very seriously.

“Our farmers can no longer go to the farms and I believe that we are worst hit in terms of food production. This is because our farmers can no longer go to the various farms and it is bad. If you look at what happened also between Kaduna and Abuja where the bandits bombed the train. Yesterday, one of them rescued was asked, would you ever use the train and he said never.

“In effect, Nigeria is at a standstill. So, having looked at all these scenarios and the reason behind why our colleagues walked out in the Senate, we are of the opinion that we will also join them.

“They have given 6 to 8 weeks for Mr. President to address the insecurity that is affecting this nation, and I want to also join on behalf of my colleagues to also say that upon the expiration, we will proffer ways of ensuring that we will gather all the signatures.

“And let me make it clear. Those who are thinking that it is only the issue of PDP or the minority caucus, no. Many of our colleagues under the bipartisanship are affected. Many of them are affected. They may not be speaking, but we may be speaking for them.

“When the time comes, they will hear from us. I heard somebody this morning saying it is a laughable attempt to want do that. Perhaps, when the action starts, the person will find out that it’s not a laughable action. It’s real and we will not stand to allow this nation collapse.

“We think that it is high time, the insecurity of this nation is addressed. And of course, we also have the issue of oil theft which has risen, now making it difficult for us to earn income from oil revenue.”

He added: “These and many others are the reasons we are joining our colleagues in the Senate to ask Mr. President to address the insecurity of this nation within 6 and 8 weeks. Otherwise, we will find the constitutional means to ensure that we serve him an impeachment notice.

“Again, it’s now N710 to a dollar as at yesterday and if we are not careful, it may rise to N1000 and beyond. We have made every effort annually to make budgetary provision for the security agencies to be able to address some of these issues. Through supplementary budget, we have done that.

“Through all special interventions, we have always obliged them. So, I think that they owe it as a duty to Nigerians to explain to Nigerians what is going on and why some of these things are happening. And today, our reserve is almost gone.

“We do not have any reserve any more. The reserve is gone and these were the things that took PDP led government time to build. Today, they tell you that the second Niger Bridge is being built, that is not true.

“It’s under sovereign wealth fund. It is not being funded by appropriations. And that was kick-started by PDP in PDP led government. I just felt that I should put this forward for the Nigerian people and the world to know what is going on”.

Senate Minority Leader, Phillip Aduda, said the essence of the meeting was to get the PDP members in the House of Representatives on the same page with them on the issues at stake.

Aduda said: “Indeed, all of you are aware of what happened yesterday and we felt that there was the need to be on the same page with the members of the members of the House of Representatives. Our action yesterday were spontaneous from the issues that were raised on the floor of the Senate.

“I am sure that members of the Press must have interacted with our various colleagues to know that this issue is not just about the PDP caucus, but it is a bipartisan issue.

“We all agreed that the security architecture is failing and there is need to salvage it immediately and we also agreed that we must issue; for some who do not know, the issue is to issue an impeachment notice to the President because the primary responsibility of government is the protection of lives of the citizens.

“Once that is not done, then, there is a problem. The issues were discussed in the closed session including the other members of other parties and we all agreed that this bipartisan. We have now called the caucus in the House of Representatives so that we can discuss with them, so that they can hear from us and understand what we did yesterday”.