US-based dancer Korra Obidi has doubted she wants to ever get married again.

In a trending video on social media, the mother of two, who got recently separated from her hubby, Justin Dean, said she has put in great efforts to make her marriage work.

She noted she tended absolutely to her estranged hubby not just with food but with her body, giving him different styles in ‘za oza room’ yet the marriage packed up.

“I don’t know if marriage is something I can do in my life again. Because I’ve tried so hard in that institution. I gave them my all. I gave them my full chest in that institution.

“I cooked, I gave doggy, trampoline, elephant styles…it’s not easy in that institution,” she stated.

Korra Obidi and her estranged American hubby crisis started trending in March.

When Dr Justin Dean publicly announced his plans to divorce Korra Obidi in April, everyone thought it was a media prank because the couple just welcomed their second baby, Athena Dean, at the time.

In the drama that ensued, Justin Dean consistently put out Instagram live videos asking Korra to repeat what she had said.

He accused her of infidelity, narcissism, unaccountability and verbally abuses their first child.

The chiropractor had also said he was heart-broken and needed to walk away from their marriage to protect his mental health.

However, in an Instagram live session with her sister, the media personality revealed that trouble started when her husband started complaining of the time she spends on social media.

The 27-year-old said the situation became worse after her social media was monitised, adding that Dean believed her money belonged to him.