We all will agree that Hermes is one unique guy in the house who brings the vibe, so many viewers call his vibes unusual vibes, whatever it’s Hermes is not the kind of person that hides whatever he feels like he has said, he likes being truthful.





He made the list of the most talked about housemates in this season 7 of the big brother Naija show, if you missed it you can check it out using this link.

I find Hermes a very interesting and unique person, and you will also agree with me he stands the chance of emerging as a finalist in this year’s Big Brother Naija show.

I think I am not just the only one who likes Hermes, I posted an article yesterday talking about Cross of the previous BBN season declaring support for Hermes stating that he finds him interesting.

Below is the conversation that ensued 

Hermes:  I Wan Put My Head For Bress, I Wan Touch Nyash Bro, I Need It In My Life

Dotun:  Se*ual Tension Whew

Hermes: I Got Used To It, You Know Man

Dotun: Yeah Yeah, I Understand Bro.

Hermes: As Soon I Get A Chance, I won’t Consider Anything