I only cheated 6 times throughout our 2-year relationship – Man shamelessly defends himself on Twitter – Face of Malawi

I Only Cheated 6 Times Throughout Our 2-Year Relationship &Ndash; Man Shamelessly Defends Himself On Twitter &Ndash; Face Of Malawi

A Nigerian man has shamelessly taken to social media to reveal the numbers of times he has cheated on his girlfriend.

Going by the name Shady Reign on Twitter, the young man bragged about his cheating prowess, by saying he has only cheated six times- creating the impression that is not even enough by the masculine standard.

He revealed this while reacting to a thread that asked tweeps; ”If you have a woman who loves and cherish you a lot, do not cheat on her too much.”

Shady supplied his perspective based on his experience by saying his relationship of two years has only seen four to six episodes of cheating.

@Shady_reign tweeted; ”True, when I had a gal like that I only cheated on her like 4 to 6times give or take.

And we dated for 2years.

I was fair.”

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