This year’s Big Brother Naija show just like other ones is beginning to hit the interesting ginx and we are loving it already with the buzz, the drama, the fight, well that is what we like about the show right?

This year the organizers decided to divide the show into two, level 1 and level 2, whatever the reason that was done, it’s sure making it more interesting.


The groups, Mainland, and the island were created and filled with housemates from different categories of life, while this at first was confusing and met with a lot of criticism as it has never been done before, is beginning to drive home the plan and it’s induced with fun.

One housemate who is observing the busyness of mainland Level 2 (trenches) and is not quiet about it is Doyin the France born Nigeria finds the trenches as she called them very noisy and entertaining.

Whether this should be interpreted as being interested in Level 2 or not, we are yet to know as it keeps unfolding, while on the other hand, the level 2 girls are finding the level 1 boys interesting and good-looking.

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