How I became the first person to enter a plane, travel out in my generation and become a Canadian PR — Forklift Operator

A Forklift operator has revealed how he became the first person to enter a plane , travel out in his generation and also become a Canadian permanent resident.


He said he opened a LinkedIn account in 2018 for the purpose of traveling out and also got his passport in 202o for the same purpose.. He started building a network around his preferred location and he was

able to build more than 1700 connections from Canada here on Linkedin in 2 years.


He sent so many applications both on LinkedIn and Job Bank with no positive result, he would work during the day and still stay up at night because that was the best time to reach out to his prospects and he did this for more than 2 years.


In January 2022, on a certain day, he got a DM from one of his connections with a compliment on his post that day. He thanked him for his compliment and told him of his interest in coming to Canada. Before he knew it he send him is WhatsApp contact and created a group adding him and people that could help him achieve his dream on the group.


He also recommended him to an employer in Canada and he was offered a job and sponsorship because of his recommendation. This man supported him during the whole visa process and on the day of his

arrival, he sent someone to come and pick him up at the airport to his destination. What would have cost me more than $100.


Furthermore, he took him out for a lunch and not only that, he gave him a laptop so he can stay connected. The phone he brought from Nigeria didn’t work there. This same connection gave him an iPhone and some money and made sure everything goes well for him


Most importantly, he gave him a note about how he can have a successful journey in Canada and this helped him to be able to set another goal

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