A community teacher in Omuooke Grammar School, Omuooke, Ekiti State, Peter Olusanya Oke, is deploying special innovative instructional practices to teach his pupils with major awards to show for his giant strides. Damola Kola-Dare reports.

Born and raised by a teacher, it is not strange that teaching runs in the veins of Peter Olusanya Oke, a Biology teacher in Omuooke Grammar School, Omuooke, Ekiti State.

Oke, who is dedicated to his art, developed a formula for teaching a group of pupils who were written off academically and there was a stunning turnaround for them. He referred to the formula as “OkepetYorEng”.

In a chat with The Nation, Oke, a native of Ikole-Ekiti, spoke of his admiration for his mother who was also a teacher.

“My mother was a teacher. I really admire her for impacting her students,” he said.

His love for his mother and her profession must have struck a positive note in him for teaching.


His teaching formula

About his formula, he said: “I took a group of students who had been written off educationally and formulated a theory called ‘OkepetYorEng’ formula, which I also use to teach up and coming students.  This formula is very effective to teach the dullest of students within 20 days.

“I formulated it some years ago. I tried to use Yoruba Alphabets and English alphabets together.  I have been using it to teach since 20 years. In my school, 17 pupils who couldn’t pronounce ‘dog’ now have hope.  It was celebration galore when they got 10 over 10 in a task. Their parents told the king about me and I was given a commendation letter,” he said.

Oke deploys innovative instructional practices by teaching his pupils using mnemonics and acronyms, such that many pupils call him ‘Mr. Coded’ or ‘Mr. Formula’. Oke also uses songs and poems to impart knowledge. According to him, this methodology has increased enrolment figures in his school.

His words: “Enrolment in my school has tremendously increased from 300 to around 450.  Also, about 20 students out of 30 gained admission into higher institution.”


Beyond teaching and value-addition

Oke is not just given to teaching; he has a heart of gold. He sold the only cow he had to fund some projects in his school. He built a toilet in his school and also bought clothes and school bags for less privileged pupils with his paltry salary.

Apart from that, he repaired faulty computers and purchased computer accessories for his school.

“I started a talent nurturing club and expanded the school’s science club. I have also mentored students through JET club,” he added.

The Biology teacher discharges his loco parentis responsibilities to boot. He visits pupils’ homes and meets their families to identify the challenges they face with the intention of addressing them.

He is also concerned with the health of his students. He had on many occasions spent his personal money to treat them when they are ill.

He also buys and cooks for his pupils to encourage them to learn.

His dedication and benevolence have brought him favours too. A pupil once brought him a gift from his parents.

He is also working on helping pupils afflicted with sickle cell anaemia in his school and community.

Oke repaired and bought computer accessories for his school’s ICT office.



Despite being in the interior of Ekiti, Oke is ICT-compliant. He uses the Microsoft Power Point to teach his pupils.

“I am also helping my pupils to become global citizens by providing them with value- based education. Currently, they are studying the life and culture of people in Brazil through Encarta Kids software on computer.

“I make my pupils believe in themselves. My teaching philosophy is that my pupils must actualise their dreams and reach their potentials. I have improved their self-esteem too,” he said.


An author of books

Oke is not just a teacher; he has a good number of books to his name. They include, ‘A boy with an egg head’, ‘Miscarriage of Justice’, ‘Triangle of Madness’, among others.

He is also passionate about community service as well as ensuring peace in conflict-ridden areas. He organises sensitisation campaign on potable water every year, which he tagged: ‘Water Day Campaign’.


His major awards

Oke has won major awards for his giant strides in teaching. They include Ekiti State 2019 World Teacher’s Day Award for best teacher, 2020 World Teacher’s Day Award for best teacher in Ekiti East Local Government, Omuooke Grammar School best teacher award 2021, among others.