A large number of persons have been reported abducted in Kaduna.

It was learnt that gunmen attacked the Keke area of New Millennium City in the state capital, taking away as many as 36 persons but the number could not be confirmed.

The attack happened between 8pm and 9pm on Monday.

Police spokesman  Muhammad Jalige did not release any statement on the incident at press time.

But sources told The Nation that about 36 persons were kidnapped.

A resident, Maryam Sani, said: “The kidnappers came around minutes after 8pm during the rain. They kidnapped many people. Most of the people kidnapped were just returning home and ran into the bandits.”

Another resident, Usman Tahir, said the bandits operated unchallenged, moving from house to house and breaking into homes to pick their victims.

Tahir said, “Many of us were still outside when the bandits attacked. They cane in large numbers.”

“We realised they went away with 36 residents, though they actually abducted more than 36, but some people escaped.”