The President of the Nigeria Olympic Committee  Habu Gumel and the Coordinator of Team Nigeria athletes to the ongoing  2022 Commonwealth, Yusuf Ali, have commended the conduct of Nigerian athletes in Birmingham.

Gumel said after about one week into the competition, he was elated that there has been no incidence of any sort in the camp of Team Nigeria.

He said: “We are so happy that we are doing well on the medals table and we will get better but more importantly I want commend all our athletes for their discipline and dedication.

“It has been a family affair here and they help one another while training and also while competing. We expect this to continue throughout the games.”

Ali also added that the minister of Sports Sunday Dare went round the camp of all the nine sports disciplines to ensure all athletes were doing great.

“The minister spoke to them about discipline and the image of the country. We also talk to them on a daily basis to work hard and compete fairly to win.

“We have had two or three cases where there were bad calls against our athletes here but the officials and athletes handled the cases maturely. We are conscious of the image of Nigeria and so the conduct of these athletes generally has been great just as we are also doing well in the overall medals table,” Ali said.