Fulani Herdsmen Kill Farmer In Southern Kaduna, Hide Body In Cave


    Yohana Mutani, a farmer, has been hacked to death by suspected Fulani herdsmen with a machete when he went to tend to his farm.

    The 43-year old father of six children left his residence in Gengere, Maraban Kajuru in Kaduna State to his farm after he got word that his crops were being grazed by cows owned by the herdsmen.

    Mutani however, did not return home that day, sparking fears that he might have been killed. 

    A team searching for his body later found his mangled remains in a cave behind the Palace of the Emir of Kajuru.

    His death comes as attacks against Christian farmers in Southern Kaduna continue to rise without government intervention.

    A life count recently conducted by the Civic Media Lab declared Kaduna State the most dangerous place to live in Nigeria due to the activities of bandits and herdsmen, who attack travellers and farmers unprovoked.


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