Femi Adesina: The Large Fool And His Bullshit Lies By Candido Johnson


    Mr Femi Adesina is the chief scribe of the Ministry of Untruth, Aso Rock. Beneath him, Aso Rock has produced some whoppers within the final 5 years of Buhari’s administration. Adesina has gained immortality with “various details.”

    Adesina’s massive dimension simply accommodates his verbal cannon of insults, lying, miracle cures, self-aggrandizement, and self-pity. As an aggressive liar on behalf of President Muhammadu Buhari, he at all times turns up in an oversize conductor swimsuit and a foul temper, typically resembles a rabbit caught in headlights.

    He as soon as described Buhari “as a brand new sheriff on the town. A strict man. Disciplinarian. A person who detested corruption and all types of evil acts.” However the proof says in any other case. Buhari is gradual and sluggish. He’s incoherent and indecisive. He’s unintelligent and uninspiring. He’s backward and brutish. He’s depraved and egocentric. He’s nepotistical and nonsensical. He runs the nation in a chaotic and clueless style. He’s not a disciplinarian. Not a strict man. He romances corruption. He’s an evil man.

    Together with his jaw dropping stuffed with prodigy of illogical considering, Adesina defends lies with lies. “Transparency and accountability. World over, he (Buhari) is understood for this,” claims Adesina. With demonstrable lies, Adesina fires himself out of a cannon within the common path of offended Nigerians. “And for Buhari, the regulation was supreme, and stays supreme,” argues Adesina. The place has Adesina been? What has Adesina been smoking? Ganja! What has Adesina been consuming? Kulikuli! 

    Transparency? Accountability? Rule of regulation? What transparency? What accountability? What rule of regulation? Hogwash!

    Buhari grew to become president Could 29, 2015. He has violated over 40 court docket orders with utter disregard for transparency, accountability, the rule of regulation and human rights within the areas of freedom of expression, peaceable meeting, affiliation, and entry to info. In reality, his lawyer common Abubakar Malami as soon as boasted that the rule of regulation is what the authorities decide it to be.

    Few examples of Buhari’s unprecedented violent violation of court docket orders will suffice:

    Justice Hadiza Rabiu Shagari ordered the federal government to inform Nigerians in regards to the stolen property it allegedly recovered, with particulars of the quantities recovered.

    Justice Mohammed Idris ordered the federal government to publish particulars of the spending of stolen funds recovered by the successive governments because the return of democracy in 1999. Justice Idris additionally ordered Buhari to prosecute legislators within the Nationwide Meeting suspected of padding and stealing N481 billion from the 2016 price range.

    Justice Chuka Austine Obiozor, ordered the fast launch of particulars of funds of billions of Naira to all defaulting and allegedly corrupt electrical energy contractors and corporations since 1999.

    Solely final week, Nastura Ashir Shariff, Chairman of Board of Trustees of the Coalition of Northern Teams was arrested and detained for main a peaceable protest in Katsina State demanding motion from Buhari over the escalating spate of killings, kidnappings by bandits within the state.

    Adesina regurgitated lies after lies in blind slavish submission in protection of Buhari’s atrocities. The proximate causes of Adesina’s juvenile tantrum in opposition to fierce critics of Buhari is that Adesina’s lies are punctured by the every day horrors going down in Nigeria. Each time Adesina struggles to place a human face on the evils of Buhari’s dictatorship, we see him being regularly swallowed by his light conductor swimsuit.

    Because the nation oscillates precariously between hope and despair, trauma and tragedy, freedom and failure, one factor is for certain: our silence has an finish. Irrespective of how lengthy, the desire of the folks will triumph. In the meantime, we’re caught with Adesina the large fool and together with his bullshit lies for the following three years.

    Candido Johnson writes from FCT Abuja


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