As the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) continues its onslaught against illegal structures in Kuje Area Council, residents have revealed that those who bought and built houses on the railway corridors in the community were warned.

Several buildings, including worship centres, mini estates, restaurants and shops, were demolished yesterday to reclaim the railway corridors.

Some of the residents said many of the property owners were warned to stay away from the land, but they ignored the counsel. One of the residents, Lukman Abduralman, said he was equally wooed by the sellers but he refused to take such risk.

Abduralman said: “They know this is government land because they were warned by those who know. I have been here since 2015. They were told that railway passed through here, but they claimed that the railway has been diverted. They even told me to come and buy a portion for N200,000 but I refused. The buyers said they are aware that the place is temporary and that anytime that government comes, they will leave.”

Senior Special Assistant on Monitoring, Inspection and Enforcement to FCT Minister, Ikharo Attah, said the demolition will be sustained until the illegally acquired lands were reclaimed.

“The Kuje railway corridor clean-up is one of the touchy exercises we are carrying out. It is quite pathetic because when the team from the Department Development Control came to mark the buildings, they never believed them.

“Our officers are badly touched doing this demolition; some were almost crying that people who really ought to know and move out from their illegal structures didn’t do so. The sellers of the illegal land gave the people hope that government was not serious and won’t come to demolish, and on this the Minister has proven them wrong,” he said.