~ Tales of Deeman, the internet sensation

Social media these days could either make or mar you. However, the case may be, you have a good chance to become the new trend.

This is the case of 19-year-old Mathew Oluwadamilare popularly known as Deeman Music from Ibadan, Oyo state.

Speaking exclusively to JAGUDA, he spoke on his preference for Mavin Records over YBNL, Don Jazzy’s influence on his career and, future plans.

The young sound engineer based in Ibadan said he loves to freestyle and realised that he got positive reviews from people.

The internet sensation said he has the passion and talent to take on the music industry.


Deeman told JAGUDA that he has been making music for three years. Although he is yet to work with a label, the young lad fancy’s working with Don Jazzy’s Mavin Records.

When asked why he preferred Mavin Records over a YBNL, he said he loves Mavin and that they are his people. However, he is yet to reach out to them.

He went on to reveal to JAGUDA that he has written over eight (8) songs and will be recording soon.

He said fans should anticipate the release of his new single “365 Days” which is scheduled for release in June 2022.


Deeman Music is popular for making music covers. His most recent was Mavin’s “Overdose” which has gone viral. After his cover, Don Jazzy reposted it on his social media handle.

Reacting to this, he (Deeman) said he did not know how to feel after he saw the repost from Don Jazzy.

This gave Deeman a lift as people started discovering him and followed him on social media. He can now boast of over 2k followers.

On why he decided to post covers first, Deeman said the strategy worked for him hence, the reason why he started with covers.

On a lighter note, JAGUDA asked who Deeman would vote as president, he said he did not have.