Reality TV star, Erica Nlewedim aka Star girl, has cursed the thief who pilfered a large sum of dollars from her handbag in a UK store.

Star girl explained she went into a bag store to purchase a particular bag but somehow changed her mind not to spend her cash after she realised the current rate of naira to dollar.
She said after shopping and queuing to make payment, she realised her bag was totally empty when it was her turn to pay.

Irked at the incident, the actress swore that the thief would never make as much as 10% of the sum they stole in their entire life.

“To the person that stole my money, you will never make that amount of money you won’t even make 10% of it in your life till you confess and turn yourself in to the police.

“I wanted to buy a particular bag, I heard the new naira price of a dollar I said no I’ll save my cash and I left harrods to enter Zara after queuing to pay, it gets to my turn and my bag is empty,” she tweeted.