Actress Etinosa Idemudia has dropped a message for her partner’s side chick planning to go over to his house for the weekend.

In the video, the actress instructed the side chick on the particular food to cook, the ingredients to use and the mode of preparation.

Idemudia also implored the side chick to ensure the food is tasty adding, she should make enough ogbono soup to last till her next visit because she (Etinosa) isn’t given to cooking that much.

“If na you be the girl wey wan go my man house this weekend go cook try cook jollof rice, me no too like fried rice,” said the mother of one.

“Then, you go use plenty pepper, I like pepper. Then, try use goat meat.

“The last time wey you come hin house come cook e be like say na beef you use. I no too dey chop beef like that. I prefer goat meat. You go fry am make the food for sweet o…

“If you still get small energy, try do ogbono soup join. Try do am plenty so that e go reach the next time wey you go come because me no too like to dey cook like that…

“You try… our wife! Wife material!! Well done o! Bye!!!”