Enugu youth ambassador shares photo depicting what men do while searching for ‘wife material’

He is right. It is for this same reason that many ladies who really want to marry are unmarried at over 30 years old. Let us tell ourselves the truth— unless a man is planning to and intentional about marrying within six months of opening up a conversation with a woman that he is attracted to, any girl that he tries to talk to, it is purely for sexual satisfaction. Dude just wants to fuck you. That kind of relationship might or might not graduate into marriage. In most cases, it does not. Until we realise that a man will never buy a cow as long as he can get her milk for free, women will continue to spend five years in the university of courtship giving free sex to an unfaithful man only to end up never graduating into marriage. Haven’t we wondered at the increase in the number of spinster-age women with each passing decade? Even in the eighties, an unmarried 28 year old woman was an anomaly and stuck out like a sore thumb. We think it is because of lack of men or women pursuing careers but it is not– Google it– according to statistics, the ratio of men and women is almost 50:50 in each age group. The rise in spinsters is because the men who were supposed to marry them are delaying marriage seeing as they can fuck whomever they like without marriage. In the old days and even as recently as the 80s, men got married by their mid-20s because that was the only way to get steady sex. But these days when they can get it for free from even good girls, most fritter their life-seed away, sampling all sorts and finally settle down for a woman in her 20s at age 41. The 41 and above men who refused to settle down in their prime are now competing with 25 year old men for the same group of younger women because let’s face it, no man who is marrying for the first time will want to marry worldly-wise woman who is 35 and whose pregnancy is even considered to be geriatric. This is why university boys or young men who are just starting their career are always angry that some richer, older dude stole their college sweetheart from them. They too will repeat the cycle. Bottom line is if sex is not freely available, men will marry earlier and there will be less breakfast being served all over the place. The availability of plenty free pussy is why men are delaying marriage into age 40 these days. Why tie yourself down to one woman when you can play around with several for as long as you like? And the consequence is more ladies being unmarried at 35-40 years because ideally that should be the age group that such men should have settled down with had the men gotten married in their mid to late twenties. But what to do in this day and age when nobody wants to buy without tasting first? The good thing is that some of those tasted mangoes will still marry man someday so let everybody be fucking each other cyclically and dumping each other inside recycle bin. Last last na for inside the same used bin una go pick husband or wife.

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