The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) Enugu chapter has conferred an award on two teachers Anyanwu Obinna and Alain for saving an auto crash victim Mrs Nwankwo Chinedu.

A letter by Enugu NMA chairman JOT Onyia stated the primary teachers of Hillrange Primary School GRA cancelled an interview appointment with Correct FM 102.9 to rescue Chinedu who would have died.

It stated they didn’t only take her to the Enugu State Teaching Hospital Parkline but also waited to ensure she was out of danger.

‘’As chairman of NMA Enugu, I find this action of humanity both heroic and worthy of commendation. They are good will ambassadors and should be seen as heroes for their kind act,’’ Onyia said in the letter.

Obinna, who dumped an offer of being a top media manager in a leading company in Lagos, relocated to Enugu to become a primary school teacher.

The father of three said he was considered crazy for taking the decision with close family members worried he would suffer.

But Obinna said he saw beyond immediate financial gains to embrace teaching so as to help shape destinies.

‘’For me, it was not as much about making money as it is about raising children with moral and academic consciousness. I have always seen the world as a battlefield in which a war between immorality and morality rages– a war that immorality was winning,’’ he stated.

He said his foray into decision is to build a moral structure that would reduce crimes, fraud and the wrong image of the country.

He explained: ‘’People complain about teachers being poorly treated, they complain about the declining state of education yet they are all ashamed of being educators.

‘’If the best minds refuse to be educators, how can education attract the best minds?’’

Since he relocated to Enugu three years ago, he has been making impacts among students, parents and other stakeholders.

During the COVID-19, Obinna invented online learning and trained teachers on how to impact with the technology.

This act kept many schools in business and ensured that children didn’t miss much academic training and activities.

He believed with more support, more public-spirited minds will join teaching to save the younger generation.