Nigerians are greatly in love with the sensational child prodigy popularly called Emmanuella. If you are bored, depressed or simply had a bad day, the perfect recipe for high spirits is to watch one of Emmanuella’s comedy skits on YouTube. You will laugh like there is no tomorrow, and in no time, you forget you weren’t feeling good just a while ago. Isn’t it worth knowing more about this child prodigy who soothes us with laughter? I bet it is. In this article, you have the opportunity of finding all that is available about Emmanuella and how she rose to stardom at such a young age.


Real name Emanuella Samuel
Date of birth 22 July 2010
Country of Origin Federal Republic of Nigeria
State of Origin Orlu, Imo State
Nickname Emanuella
Source of wealth Actor, Endorsement, YouTuber
Net worth $150,000
Parent James Samuel and Cynthia Samuel.

Who Is Emmanuella?

Her full name is Emmaunella Samuel, born to James Samuel and Cynthia Samuel. Her state of origin is Imo State, but she resides in Port Harcourt with her family. She was born on July 22nd, 2010, which means she will just be 11 years old this 2021!

Her Rise To Stardom

Emmanuella has always had a knack for bringing the best laughs out of people around her since she was five. She is the life of the party, always goofy and cheerful. If you know Emmanuella, then you must have heard of Mark Angel. Mark Angel was the one who discovered the unusual talent in Emmanuella and brought her to the spotlight. Although there are speculations that Emmanuella and Mark Angel are related as cousins, her official bonding with Mark Angel began when her family decided to spend their holiday at Port Harcourt.

Amongst all the kids present during that holiday, Mark Angel who obviously enjoys watching kids play watched with excitement how Emmanuella was able to easily make him and every other kid present laugh. As far as Mark Angel was concerned, Emmanuella was as talented as other famous kids he watched on American programs on TV. Ever since then, Mark Angel has kept his eyes on Emmanuella.


volved during the long video process.

Emmanuella’s first viral video skit that brought was ‘this is not my real face o’. This comedy was typically hilarious as Emmanuella was found making naughty joke of her headmistress’s leg unknowingly to the headmistress’ daughter. Trust me, you gotta see the skit, it’s so hilarious…hahahaha. This skit automatically shot up the number of followers on the Mark Angels comedy skit page on YouTube as well as boosted her social media presence. Currently, there are over 5 million subscribers on the YouTube channel, she has garnered over 3.6 million followers on Facebook, and over 600 thousand followers on Instagram.

Other popular skits she has performed includes; My Uncle has HIV, April fool, Witch birth, Valentine part 2, Change part2, School protest, and many more. On 2 April 2020, during the COVID-19 lockdowns, Emanuella, Success, and Regina Daniels were featured in a skit by Ofego titled “Lockdown” on his YouTube channel.

Other Interests of Emmanuella


Besides comedy, Emmanuella is a bright student. She hasn’t allowed her rise to prominence to affect her academics. Currently, in secondary school, Emmaunella had her primary education at Brighton Gate Academy School, Port Harcourt. She also has interests in fashion and aspires to be a badass fashion designer in the future. She even took up a design course, which includes make-up and fashion.

While performing her skits before the camera, just like any human, Emmaunella can get tired. When this happens, smart Mark Angel knows the therapy- Emmanuella has to sleep. Once she wakes up, she performs as excellently as ever.

Emmanuella Awards And Recognition

Emmanuella reflects the hope that Nigerian children are exceptional, she has been a source of inspiration to both adults and children alike. Beyond the shores of Nigeria, Emmanuella has enjoyed recognition in the international space including Prominent Kid Comedienne and Princess of Comedy, both from Australia. In 2016, she was invited for a stellar interview on CNN, this was shortly after it was announced she would feature in a Disney movie in 2018