The Anti-Corruption Commission has fired its senior Investigations Officer Christopher Siwakwi after an internal inquiry found him guilty of corruption.

Newly appointed ACC Director General Gilbert Phiri fired Siwakwi on Monday and also asked former Acting Director-General Silumesi Muchula to exculpate himself on allegations of corruption.

Highly placed sources at the Commission have confirmed that Siwakwi is the first victim of the cleaning process that has started at the Commission.

“Yes he is gone, he got the letter this week on Monday and his friend Silumesi was written to and asked to exculpate himself, as you know, those two were working closely and were on top of all the dirty deals that happened here,” the source said.

The new leadership at ACC has moved swiftly to deal with the corruption taint that has engulfed the Commission by setting a Directorate of Internal Investigations to ensure all its officers adhere to the highest ethical standards.

ACC Board Chairperson Musa Mwenye said during a recent Hot FM interview that the new Directorate will help carry out internal investigations of staff members because “you can’t have corrupt people fighting corruption”.

Mr Mwenye said corrupt people should not be allowed to fight corruption.

A number of individuals and organisations had raised complaints against Mr Siwakwi alleging that he is one of the most corrupt ACC officers.

Siwakwi was implicated in a leaked audio soliciting for a bride from then Infrastructure Minister Ronald Chitotela in 2019 in order to drop an investigation against Mr Chitotela.

He was also implicated in the disappearance of around US$9,000 from the ACC vault in unexplained circumstances.

He is also the same officer who is accused of having pointed a gun and threatened to shoot Amos Chanda’s wife when he went to search property as part of an investigation.