Chitotela declares K44 million assets

Chitotela Declares K44 Million Assets
Ronald Chitotela

Chitotela declares K44 million assets

Former Minister of Tourism and Arts Ronald Chitotela have declared assets valued at K44 million.

Mr Chitotela is among the 106 MPs, Cabinet ministers and other constitutional office-bearers who have so far declared assets, liabilities and incomes as required by law since November last year.

Records at the Chief Justice’s office show that Mr Chitotela, who is opposition Patriotic Front (PF) Pambashe MP, declared 10 assets worth K44.3m and K7m in liabilities.

The declarations include five houses worth K15m, two farms valued at K8.5m, animals worth K5m and K1.2m cash in the bank.

Mr Chitotela, who has been an MP since 2011, also has cars worth K5m and guns worth K600,000, among other fixed assets- Zambia Daily Mail

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