Fake housemate Modella has been given a task to rock love relationships in the house.

On Day 10, Modella, during her Diary Session with Biggie, was asked by Biggie to do him a favour of rocking a boat or two in the Level two house.

She took a few seconds before responding, firstly asking for clarity. She wanted to confirm if Biggie wanted her to come in between a ship in the House.

She confirmed her understanding, and said “I can try.”

Modella added that shaking the ship between Daniella and Khalid will be a little difficult. This is due to the nature of her relationship with Daniella, who was the first person that welcomed her into the house, and therefore, built a friendship.

It is unsure if Modella will make an attempt to rock Groovy and Beauty’s relationship or accept to break Daniella’s relationship with Khalid despite their friendship.